Urban Station Revitalization

students building a greenhouse roof
Dotte Agency is working with Urban Works LLC over the course of several academic semesters to revitalize an unused Conoco gas station, and turn it into Urban Station, community-based hub for learning and action.

The basic bones of the original station are sound, and much of the work consists of modifications to the existing fabric so it serves a more public and social purpose, while still retaining some of the historic and industrial vibe of the original. An example is the large meeting table that uses the re-purposed car lift as its support. The table is fabricated out of reclaimed lumber and serves as the visual center of a newly revitalized space.

Other projects include: a new public facade, built in the space that was once occupied by the overhead garage door; a seton sliding glass doors to separate 2 interior spaces and make heating/cooling more efficient; a sidebar to serve coffee and snacks at Urban Works’ Friday coffees; new furniture constructed out of plywood and reclaimed hardwood lumber; concrete planters; greenhouse, and a new patio for outdoor grilling.

KU ArcD students: (Fall 2018) Ryan Bayerle, Julia Blank, Logan Brammeier, Sam Dodd, Ethan Dorning, Sam Dykes, Jessica Gjerde, Nicole Henry, Zach Hernandez, Emily Hummel, Hope Lemos, Alex Morgan, Halina Pinkston, Eric Schultz, Alex Smith, Megan Stonestreet, John Sunn, Taylor Watson, Tong Yu.

(Spring 2019) Binh Bui, Isabel Das, Maddy Gillette, Brennen Hall, Kelsie Hancock, Trevor Heersink, Kate Kemper, Zac Kornis, Sebastian Lares, Lea Moguet, Christina Nieters, Autumn Olsen, Melissa Smith, Rachel Stagner, Ashley Tubach, Rebecca Twombly, Xiaoyue Wang, Andrew Wintz

(Fall 2019) Ally Glosemeyer, Benjamin Sems, Brandon Mitchell, Brooke Pogue, Garret Heibeck, Haley Mills, Jack Young, Jackson Morris, McKendree Mummey, Nathan Patterson, Olivia O'Quinn, Riley Hausman, Sattam Alajmi, Shauna Erickson, Steven Wahlberg

(Fall 2020) Ben Downey, Aubrey Clark, Colin Dwyer, Anthony Hedges, Ryan Kuehn, Bea McGuire, Julia Peterson, Liz Putnam, Storm Rynard, Maggie Schutte, Dariely Avila, Madeline Bradley, Lily Cook, Bridgett Espino Delgado, Will Frederick, Brooke Ritter, Karina Sande.

(Fall 2021) Dylan Barber, Karis Buendia Davila, Dianejili, Dookhie, Jimena Dorador, Cristie Escobar, Valerie Flores-Espino, Zakk Hoferer, True Love, Simba Mahuku, Quinn Manring, Erica Pham, Leo Praderas, Natus Rappel, Alvaro Rojas, Lily Rouse, Sydney Smith, Keirian Tillman.

(Spring 2022) Sam Cohen, Kim Coulon, Abby Frankenreiter, Kyle Gilboy, Abby Icenhower, Abigail Kahrhoff, Seth Kennedy, Lauren Land, Preston Lester, Mikala Liley, Alex Martin, Molly Mistler, Jase Owens, Brooks Quimby, Morgan Siemers, Abraham Simon, Matt Teahan.

• Special thanks to Steve & Pam Curtis, and Diosselyn Tot.

Funders: Urban Works, Health Forward Foundation, Studio 804 Inc.
Year: 2022
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore