Rockefeller Prairie Trailhead

image of prairie as viewed from trailhead structure
Situated on the edge of the Rockefeller Prairie north of Lawrence, the trailhead serves a public outreach function, inviting the public to enjoy the lands of the KU Field Station and gain an understanding of the work being done there as KU and visiting scientists research plant and animal populations on the prairie. The trailhead was conceived as a pre-fabricated structure, built of galvanized steel tubes and wood in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning’s west campus warehouse, then transported to the prairie for installation. It consists of a deck and a shade structure, along with display panels for information about the work of the Field Station. It was largely pre-fabricated in the Facilities Warehouse on KU’s West Campus, then installed on site. Framing consists of galvanized steel tubes; the wooden slat roof and other components are fabricated from recycled utility poles donated by Westar Energy.

This project was commissioned by the University of Kansas Field Station and Ecological Reserves (KSR), a division of the Kansas Biological Survey. Dick and Sue Himes provided funding for the project through the KU Endowment Association. Westar Energy’s Green Team donated lumber sawn from recycled power poles for the deck, bench and handrail cap.

Amanda McVey, Alex Rea, Matthew McKillip, Jenny Kosobud, Brian Kelly, Michael Prost, Teresa Owens, Sam Avery, John Myers, Patricia Shaw, Sarah Brengarth, Cade Brummer, Molly Kinsella
Year: 2009
Location: Douglas County, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore