The Porch Notice Boards

image of notice board in New Orleans
The Notice Board project was conceived in conversation with Seventh Ward residents during a preliminary trip taken in January 2006 by Professors Gore and Corser. The community felt the need to have some means to communicate with each other, and highlight neighborhood projects and initiatives following Katrina. Pedagogically, for Professor Gore’s Arch401 students, the notice boards were a good project as a warm-up to future, more complex and larger projects to help build construction skills, develop planning skills, develop collaboration skills and strategies, and test ideas about prefabrication and transportation. Rachel Breunlin and Helen Regis of The Neighborhood Story Project at University of New Orleans have developed a series of posters highlighting the creative and cultural contributions of residents of the Seventh Ward for installation on the notice boards. The boards were completed in February 2006.

KU School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The Porch Cultural Heritage Organization

Valerie Cantrell, Brian Cay, Chris Goodwin, Kelly Gregory, Mickey Htoo, Lindsay Kenkel, Patrick Knobloch, Callie Knoll, Bob Korte, Laura Lafoe, Suzanne Petersen, Jon Red Corn, Amy Scilligo, Maryna Silchenko, Kenny Simmons, Chris Wahl, April Young

Year: 2006
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore