The Porch Mobile Stage

performers on a stage
The Mobile Stage was designed and constructed in the Fall of 2006. The Porch identified this as a project for use as a community outreach tool in community events, parades, performances, and as a rentable revenue generator. The stage is a flat trailer with a set of deployable panels that can be configured for a variety of activities, and easily moved into the neighborhood for events. It was built by adding a steel-framed deck and deployable floor flaps onto a pre-existing utility trailer. The flaps close for hauling and open up to a 13’x16’ stage area. The overhead proscenium structure, designed to accommodate a wide variety of sets, backdrops and coverings, is made of steel and attaches to slots in the deck surface. The lockable storage space below the deck houses the stairs, proscenium and sets when not in use. The stage can be deployed by 2 people in about 10 minutes.

This project was commissioned by The Porch Cultural Heritage Organization. Funding for the project came from a variety of sources: the Kemper Foundation, The Kuehn Foundation, KU-SADP, KU student fundraising, and donations from private individuals. In-kind donations were received from Danny Zeck Ford and Yemm & Hart.

Students: Megan Barnes, Austin Berke, Mike Brown, Anne Bruce, Sarah Bueltmann, Hugo Cabrera, Carole Cline, Katie Danner, Brandi Hamilton, Lauren Keefer, Mike Kelly, Rey Lastimosa, Brett Lawrence, Simon Mance, Leo Mulvehill, Paul Sanders
Year: 2006
Location: New Orleans, LA
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore