Passerine Pavilion

Passerine Pavilion
Passerine Pavilion is a universally-accessible scenic overlook pavilion set within a newly restored tallgrass prairie. The design process began with a series of rapid charrettes generating multiple, intentionally-divergent, concepts. Principles were openly discussed, debated, and adapted in real-time, seeking a convergence of ideas. The studio built consensus around a meandering line parti, for its potential to provide all visitors with an experience of moving through a restored prairie guided by a gabion wall. Seeking to elevate all visitors above the prairie landscape and guide sightlines toward the horizon, a cantilevered deck and wing-like roof began to emerge.

Passerine Pavilion is akin to a grassland bird poised to leap from the hill into a prairie landscape. The overlook’s wings, perched on four pairs of steel columns, slope back toward its tail. The feather-patterned, reclaimed street-sign, aluminum-clad roof provides protection. A break in the gabion wall acts as a threshold into a prairie garden. The wood deck cantilevers into the open air, instilling a sensation of rising above the landscape. This arrangement affords all visitors, regardless of their mobility, an experience of beholding the surrounding Wakarusa River Valley.
Year: 2020
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Chad Kraus (Dirt Works Studio)


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Students: Zevi Aronstein, Max Avila-Franco, Megan Bruey, Ryan Daniels, Eva Eliasdottir, Dylan Frye, Kimberly Gordon, Christian Maglasang, Bret Majarocon, Aaron Michalicek, Benjamin Obadia, Elizabeth Overschmidt, Antonin Some, Isaac Taylor, Jordyn Tobias, Lucie Zumsteeg, Dakoda Ash, Alexa Balkema, Camden Broddle, Anna Hampton, Kalyn Henderson, Christian Hunn, Hannah Juelfs, Lydia Juengling, Jennifer Jurado, Tyler Koory, Nolan Lodholz, Annemarie Loyd, Madisyn Mellema, Katrina Mills, Katherine Neyer, Rapheal Prevot, Jake Rajewski

Partner/Client: Douglas County Public Works

Structural Engineer: Douglas County Public Works

Vendors: EXLTube, HMC Performance Coatings

Awards: Architecture Masterprize [Best of Best], Small Architecture Category; AIA Kansas Merit Award, Student Category

Media"Passerine Pavilion", Design for the Common Good"How a KU class and local advocates helped build an ADA-accessible platform at Wells Overlook Park", The Lawrence Times"Student projects seek to broaden scenic vista for all", Kansas Alumni Magazine"Passerine Pavilion Audio Tour", Douglas County Public Works.