Mod 1

Modern house with horizontal slats of wood
The spring semester of 2004 marked a turning point in Studio 804’s history. The infill projects in Lawrence, Kansas had been successful but were increasing difficult to find that booming market. The time had come consider addressing the urban residential crisis in a different city – Kansas City, Kansas. With students Living and working in Lawrence, the idea of a stick-built house was going to be difficult. Prefabrication was the solution and in the end an opportunity.

Beginning with this house, Studio 804 designed and constructed single-family dwellings consisting of prefabricated, modular units that are both flexible in plan and adaptable in configuration to suit personal preferences and a variety of site locations. Mod 1 is composed of five modular units of equal size – each with a distinct programmatic use. The straightforward design and the limitation of warehouse prefabrication made for an economically efficient building process that reduced construction waste and since the semester extends into the Midwest winter weather delays were avoided.
Year: 2004
Location: Kansas City, KS
Course: Studio 804
Instructor: Dan Rockhill (Studio 804)

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