Jersey Creek Fitness Stations

woman sitting on fitness station with baby in a stroller in foreground
Jersey Creek Park is an underutilized and under appreciated park asset in Kansas City, Kansas. A linear park centered on a drainage waterway, the park is in need of attention. Census data indicate that about 11,000 people live within 1/2 mile of the park, making it the single most impactful park in Wyandotte County, in terms of simple proximity. This project prototyped a set of 5 fitness stations to promote physical activity in the park. Professor Nils Gore’s Arch409 studio was asked to develop the project and a series of 4 meetings was held at The New Bethel Church over the winter of 2015 to solicit ideas and opinions from interested neighbors about park assets and liabilities. It was determined that a set of 5 prototypes would be installed throughout the park for assessment. A design concept of a hybrid bike rack/park bench/fitness element was developed out of bent pipe and HDPE seating material.

NBCCDC, KU School of Architecture Design & Planning, KU Work Group for Community Health and Development, Healthy Communities Wyandotte (HCW)

Emily Davidson, Hayden Donaldson, Erik Stockler, Caitlin Fitzgerald
Year: 2015
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore