The Houses on Oak Hill Avenue

glass front houses at dusk
The Houses on Oak Hill respond to the long-term mission of the city of Lawrence, Kansas to promote sustainable development. According to the city if the population growth seen at the time continue, housing will be needed to accommodate a projected 30 to 60 thousand additional residents by the year 2040. These large population increases become even more significant when you factor in the average household size in America. If Lawrence wants to avoid outward sprawl creative solutions for affordable housing in existing neighborhoods will be needed. One idea is increase urban density in established neighborhoods by allowing more than one dwelling on a property. This can accommodate a growing population by utilizing existing resources and infrastructure. In this spirit Studio 804 purchased an infill property in an established but marginal neighborhood in Lawrence and built 2 smaller than typical houses. One 965 square foot, the other 620 square foot. Both targeting net zero energy use over a calendar year.

The houses are exceptionally airtight, highly insulated and use extremely efficient mechanical systems to assure a healthy and comfortable interior environment. The materials are all chosen to avoid the unnecessary use of resources and do not emit toxins by off gassing. All the appliances and fixtures are Energy Star rated. The windows and doors are high performance. The roofing is a highly reflective, reduces heat absorption and is 100% recyclable.

Both Houses are LEED Platinum Certified
Year: 2019
Location: Lawrence, KS
Course: Studio 804
Instructor: Dan Rockhill (Studio 804)

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