Haven Studio

Haven Studio, on approach
Haven Studio is a small, solar-powered, net-zero energy, bio-based demonstration home wrapped in a highly-insulated and air-tight building envelop, with a simple iconic and familiar form.

Haven Studio was designed and built by students to educate our local community on net-zero energy design. Its highly-insulated and air-tight envelop, utilizing innovative continuous timber board insulation and quad-pane windows, is complemented by a mini-split heat pump and energy recovery ventilator. Its low energy load enables a twelve-panel solar array to produce more energy, annually, than the home consumes, with excess energy used to power an EV charger and an adjacent building.

The home’s narrow naturally-lit footprint reduces artificial lighting and minimizes material use. The roof slope is optimized for fixed solar panels while the well-insulated north facade is free of openings that might contribute to energy loss. The glazed south facade is protected by an overhang, enabling passive solar heating without overheating in the summer. The floor and walls were prefabricated to minimize material waste and maximize construction precision. Low-maintenance and primarily bio-based materials reduce embodied carbon.
Year: 2023
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Chad Kraus (Dirt Works Studio)


Virtual Tour [Final]

Virtual Tour [Construction]

Students: Ty Adams, Michael Akanni, Anas Alghamdi, Emily Almloff, Lily Altenhofen, Yuridia Alviter-Rivera, Madison Beck, Brennen Berends, Cora Blackford, Jackson Bontty, Sarah Boyle, Jenna Bracaglia, Harleigh Brandon, Jay Clements, Ehren Coleman, Gwendolyn Comas, Luke Delehaunty, Kaitlyn Dunn, Fernando Echauri, Nicholas Einig, Brad Elpers, Claudia Frahm, Liz Fraka, Bridget Gerstner, Kodi Hayes, Alec Hendrix, Emma Herr, Eryn Herrera, Anan Hoque, Jake Hornbuckle, Andrew Jundt, Matteo Kalusha-Aguirre, Kyle Kissel, Aria Lynch, Areli Madrigal, Lauren Maloney, Crayton Maurer, Arianna Mccue, Erin Mcmahon, Reece Mehrens, Garrett Miller, Grant Miller, Sarah Moore, James Noteman, KayLee Nottestad, Maddie Parr, Clayton Cooper Plaster, Tylor Poitier, Abi Price Nakagawa, Micah Ramsay, Brenna Richart, Madison Schaefer, Tom Schotte, Graylon Sestak, Carson Sevart, Jack Shannon, Kiara Smallwood, Madison Smith, Andrew Stender, Liz Stone, Haleigh Strebe, Caleb Tatley, Erica Villamayor, Lexie Wolff

Client: KU School of Architecture and Design

Partner: DOE Solar Decathlon

Structural Engineer: Apex Engineers

MEP Engineer: Henderson Engineers

Lighting Consultant: Mercer Zimmerman

Sustainability Consultant: BNIM

Construction Consultant: Mar Lan Construction

Vendors/Sponsors: Lumber One, SunSmart Technologies, Rothoblaas, Mitsubishi Electric, Beko, Grabill Plumbing, MBCI, Wood Haven, Timber HP / Steico, Richlite, JE Dunn Construction, Schlüter Systems, Sonoco, Simpson Strong-Tie, Lynn Electric, Tech Lighting, Clark Huesemann, Westerhouse Heating and Cooling, Hollis Miller Architects, Kohler, REW Materials, Hufft, HOK Architects, BRR, Prosoco, Build Smart, Midwest Concrete Materials, Hoke Ley, Cellulose Material Solutions, Royal Metal Industries, Slaggie Architects, Sabatini Architects, Hunter Douglas Architectural, Spectrum Paint, Cooper Lighting, Logan Contractors Supply


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