Epic Art Shop

image of art shop interior
Dotte Agency collaborated with Downtown Shareholders and Community Housing of Wyandotte County (CHWC) to develop an arts-based retail incubator space as an accessory building to the Epic Arts Studio in Strawberry Hill. The space allows artists and craftspeople to test the waters for retail sales of their products in a low-stakes 3-month trial period.

Starting with a used cargo shipping container, the team developed an exterior skin/insulation system for optimal energy performance, and an interior optimized for flexible display of arts and crafts products. The project was constructed at KU’s East Hills Construction Lab, then transported to Strawberry Hill in 2019.

KU ArcD students: (Fall 2018) Rami Dalaq, Hank Feldmann, Rachel Fosselman, Gabby Foster, Brighid Hegarty, Sarah Hogan, Maddy Irwin, Harley Knapp, Katharine League, Erin Mahoney, Samia Mansour, Parker Matthews, Tyler Paulson, Breta Phillips, Juno So, Sam Tankel, Tyson Washington, Brady Whitehill, Calem Witt

(Spring 2018) Ben Brewer, Ryan Evenson, Rebecca Falk, Ashley Farrow, Colin Flanagan, Abbie Ford, Bailey Hiatt, Aleeya Hubbard-Kinard, Oluwagbohunmi Kolawole, Daniela Langer, Claire Namovich, Mattea Nedele, Simeon Perkins, Anastasia Popova, Payton Prosser, Rachel Roberts, Georgiana Singleton, Jack Swezy

Funders: Downtown Shareholders Inc., KC Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), CHWC, Studio 804 Inc.
Year: 2020
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore