image of bookmobile parked at the Lawrence Public Library
Dottie is the Lawrence Public Library's mobile outreach vehicle. Its purpose is to extend library services to the Lawrence community outside of the walls of the main building. The project was commissioned by Lawrence Public Library and funded by the LPL Friends & Foundation. Dottie is built on the chassis of an 18' Ford stepvan, and consists of a set of deployable sheet metal shelves that extend out the side of the truck and then down to put books within reach of the public, including small children. The interior, which is not accessible to the public, is outfitted with cabinets and support for a variety of outreach activities.

Nils Gore's arch509 Designbuild studio started design work on the truck remotely during the covid pandemic, conducting some remote engagement activities, then building full-size mockups and prototypes of the truck to get a sense of the truck's pphysical dimensions and access challenges. The truck itself was fabricated by a smaller team in the summer of 2021.

More information about Dottie's public event schedule can be found on the Lawrence Public Library website.

Year: 2022
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore


Lawrence Public Library, LPL Friends & Foundation, 

Truck graphic design:  

BIlly Pilgrim


Natalia Acosta, Cody Beeber, Bryan Bencomo, Nick Christante, Charlie Craig, Will Desmond, Zach Earley, Hannah Froehle, Brandon Harris, Holden Knudsen, Jadyn Landreth, Oliver Moyski, Santiago Patino, Rosalie Patrick, Evan Skelton, Mary Wiberg.  

Fabrication team: 

Bryan Bencomo, Hannah Froehle, Nils Gore