Dotte Mobile Grocer

image of grocery truck with vegetables in foreground
Recognizing the need for fresh, affordable food in Wyandotte County, a group of community partners joined forces with Dotte Agency to launch the Dotte Mobile Grocer, rolling out in 2019. Through our research, we discovered that nearly 22,000 Wyandotte County residents have limited access to a grocery store. One in four children are food insecure. And 31 percent of households with three or more people have one or no vehicle. The mobile grocer aims to improve life for those residents by bringing affordable, healthy foods to their neighborhoods during set hours and at specific locations based on community needs and demand.

Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable and healthy food to residents with limited access to grocery stores in Kansas City, Kansas.

Accessible: The mobile grocer is designed to make buying groceries easy. With weekly visits to neighborhood locations and meal kits with ready-to-cook recipes, our goal is for grocery shopping to be convenient.

Affordable: The mobile grocer will be stocked by grocery wholesale distributor, TX Valley/El Torito. SNAP, EBT and WIC vouchers will be accepted.

Healthy: The mobile grocer will carry fresh produce, meats and dairy as well as meal-kits, and other food staple and household items.

Mobile Market Community Council
TX Valley/El Torito
Community Health Council of Wyandotte County
Dotte Agency / KU School of Architecture & Design
Wyandotte County WIC Department
Carpenter Collective

Health Forward Foundation
Menorah Heritage Foundation
Shawnee Mission Medical Center

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Healthy Communities Wyandotte
Food Systems Action Team
K-State Extension
KC Healthy Kids
Grocery Access Task Force
Latino Health for All Coalition

New Bethel Church Community Development Corporation
Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority
Livable Neighborhoods
Historic Northeast Midtown Association
Central Avenue Betterment Association
Downtown Shareholders
Rosedale Development Association
Econ Avenue
Parkwood Colony Neighborhood Association
Kensington Community Neighborhood Association
Wyandotte Countians Against Crime Neighborhood Association
Organization for Community Preservation Neighborhood Association

University of Kansas School of Architecture and Design
University of Kansas School of Business
University of Kansas School of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Kansas State University - Wyandotte County Extension Office

Fabrication team: Willie Johnson, Erik Stockler, Jesse Jacobe, Nils Gore.

KU Arch509 Students:
Trevor Beirise, Heather Briggs, Emma Brinson, Abigail Clem, Haley Dougherty, Stormy Ford, Calista Gorrell, Ethan Harper, Daniel Holton, Maddie Hughes, Alejandro Medrano, Benjamin Naudet, Alexis Nino, Daniel Ritchie, Jesus Rubio, Sydnee Sachtleben, Sarina Shanks, Reece Simpson

Year: 2019
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Course: Arch 509 Designbuild Studio
Instructor: Nils Gore